Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Counting calories

I always said that I would never count calories.
The idea of limiting what I could eat sounded ridiculous.
{Still sounds ridiculous, truthfully}

That being said though, my metabolism since turning 30 and now 32 doesn't agree with the ridiculousness.

At the end of last year I got sick and then sick again and couldn't go to the gym.
After going to the dr. I noticed that my weight was up a bit.
Then the holidays hit and I consumed more than my fair share of the Christmas/birthday goodies.

I felt like I was getting back on track with going to the gym {not as often as I should have, but still going} when I decided to check my weight.

Wow, I was surprised at the weight gain.

Now I know that everyone has their own thoughts on weight, what one person thinks would be a great weight another person might have problems with.

For me personally I just wasn't feeling comfortable in my own skin and my clothes weren't fitting right.

Summer is right around the corner and I plan on living at the pool again, I also want to feel better and get my body to a healthy spot.

I've started watching B again and I know that I won't be hitting the gym as often.
That means that something else has/had to be done.

Clara and Jennifer told me about My Fitness Pal, it's a free app that tracks your calories consumed and your calories spent.

We decided to all do it and "friend" one another on there so we can help keep one another accountable.

We figured out how long it will be until pool season and what our goal weight is, the app figured out the rest for me.
When K got home I told him about the app and now he's using it too.

The app is great, I'm enjoying it as much as I can with facing the reality of what I'm eating and how not great it is for my body.
I have a weakness for crunchy, salty things. Yum!

I'm hoping to see some results, the ones other than my stomach complaining when I've reached my calorie limit.

So friends, I need some help, what are some great, low-calorie meals that you love?

I'm planning on going grocery shopping soon and need some more delicious foods, my salad today was a bit sad as I was shopping my fridge and out of some things.

P.S. My Fitness Pal has zero idea who I am, I'm just sharing something that I hope helps with my weight loss goals


  1. Oh Danna - I feel your pain. Although you probably didn't gain as much as I did, I gained 19.2 pounds from Nov. 16 - Jan 8th. RIDICULOUSNESS! I have since taken 4 off. But I can take nothing off without exercise especially since I'm in love with carbs.
    4 years ago (I was 31), I was unable to lose weight (probably eating too many carbs). My doctor told me "Now that you're over 30..." I stopped him there. I told him to bite his tongue. I still hadn't accepted that I had even hit 30, let alone 31. (and now at 35 I'm still in denial/depression.) So anyway, I also feel your pain about hitting 30 and how it's affected you.

    1. How were we not aware it would happen??? It seems like people always talk about how great your 30's are, I've never had anyone say "Watch out, your metabolism is going to tank!" *sigh* Way to go on losing 4 lbs, that is progress! I weighed myself tonight and discovered that I've lost almost 1/2 of a lb, I chose to call it success :)

  2. I love my fitness pal! I have a few recipes in mine, that are good--I think you can get to them if you friend me I am kellysmedley

    1. I just sent you a friend request via email :)
      Yes, I need some recipes, I'm not a fan of feeling hungry all the time!
      K is trying to convince me that it will get easier, I'm holding tight to that :)

    2. Quinoa is chalked full of protein! Steele cut oats are awesome and keep me full and are low in calories. I have to be careful because Ellary still nurses...a lot. I also love clif bars!!! If you go to she has a recipe for perfect granola bars that I LOVE! I put a cup of ground nuts in them, and usually some crasins. They are best straight from the freezer and about 180 calories if your pan makes 24. ( I only use 1 stick of butter and up the honey a little.)