Sunday, February 3, 2013

A little of this and that with a healthy dose of caffeine

Hey lovelies!
How are you?
I miss you oh so much.
I've been lax on writing and reading blogs.
I've been exhausted lately, totally wiped out.
I've found myself falling asleep between 8 - 10 every evening, I wonder if that means that I am finally growing up?
Last night I even fell asleep with the lights on in my room.

I've been consuming a lot of this lately.
Well, not too much as I'm still counting calories.
Enough to keep me properly caffeinated and making sure there are enough calories for at least a cup or two a day, it is about priorities after all.

This child, she keeps me on my toes.
She is so creative and so her that I find myself just watching her because she is fascinating.
This was her playing Disney Universe the other day.
The funny thing though is that she was doing really well, too.

Lee and her hair.
Girlie still was long hair like Rapunzel-ed {yes, that's what she calls Rapunzel}.
Every day she wants a braid of some sort and she knows exactly what she wants in her hair.
Last night, for church, she wanted braided piggies with pink hair ties, a pink headband and a purple flower.
Homegirl rocked it.

Before church Lee had fun playing dress-up with Chloe.
This kitty is the best cat for children.
She doesn't bite or hiss or scratch.
She lets the kids love on her and even dress her up and when she's had enough she goes away.
We do remind the kids that Chloe is getting older and they have to be careful with her, we tell them she's a grandma kitty.

Calorie counting.
I know I already talked about it, but thought I would share some of my favorite snacks.
I'm a snacker, I'd much rather graze on food all day then eat big meals.
These two snacks are delish, I have to admit thought that the popcorn is my all-time favorite.
It says that it's a healthy kettle corn, it has a hint of sweet and salt which is the best combination ever.

Cuties and clementines, my kids LOVE them.
Lee loves the clementines the best, Abby and Adison love either.
I can't eat them, my body doesn't like the acidity at all but I LOVE peeling them.
I don't know why but I am more than happy to peel one or two or twelve for my kids if they will eat them.

My littles in the car, singing and reading.

Last but not least, I know that all around the country people are having some crazy weather.
Ours has been the same.
It was 74 in JANUARY!
Two days later we had snow and ice.

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