Thursday, February 28, 2013

A surprise date with homegirl

My sweet girl, my brown-eyed {or purple so she says} has been in need of some one on one time with her mama.
Life has been busy lately and I feel like she's been struggling with it the most.

She's my littlest, my sweet and sassy and all things goofy girl.
She's still adjusting to having B over again.
It's been a bit hard on her not being the youngest because I can't always carry her when she wants to be carried and sometimes B needs attention when she wants it.
Yes, she has to share my time and affection with her sisters but she's the youngest in our crazy circus and not being the youngest during the work day has at times been difficult for her.


Today an opportunity came up for us to have a Mommy-Daughter date.
Adison was going over to a friend's house to play after school.
While driving there I got a call from B's mom saying that she got off work early and was coming to get B.
When I dropped off Adison Ainsley was also invited to stay and play.
This is the beauty of the girls being best friends with siblings and me being best friends with the mom.
My dear friend knew that I was needing some time and she so sweetly provided it.

Poor Babs was sad about not being with Ainsley so I decided to take her to go get cupcakes.
I bought Abby a little thing of frosting as they were making some more cupcakes.
We then played some games, she chose Candy Land, Jenga, Shoots and Ladders and we played with the Scrabble letters.
We ate our cupcakes and then headed home for some pizza with K.

It was a wonderful afternoon.
To have some time with my youngest, just the two of us.
She told me how much she had and how she can't wait to go on another date again.
I loved it, soaking up the time with her, to do whatever she wanted and to talk with her without interruption.
It was delightful.

Tonight when Lee got home, Abby shouted "Ains-lay!!!" 
The girls shared a massive hug and it was so neat seeing them together.

A big thank you to my friend, Jennifer.
Thank you for the gift of a surprise afternoon with my baby.