Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things are good

I know everyone says it, I say it a lot, but life is busy.

I started watching baby B again, between that and an ever increasing schedule life seems to be in hyper drive.

By the time the evening comes and the children are in bed and if I don't have a meeting I am crashing in bed.

Exhaustion hits, my brain is fried from the daily grind, the coffee has left my system and that's the end of it.

We've been having some ADHD issues, some sibling issues and some life issues but above and beyond all of that we have moments.

The moments of a child wanting to share her pink tic tacs with her mama.

Of a child getting frustrated and declaring that she is no longer my mother but K's mother {I don't quite understand that one}.

Moments of sisters loving on sisters with such love and devotions that it makes my heart swell ten thousand times.

Moments of the girls not getting along at all then falling into fits of giggles.

Moments of laughter with my husband where I feel so blessed beyond measure that I get to call him mine and I am his.

Moments of feeling the presence, the love and the bond with Christ that fill me with such peace and right-ness.

I'm sorry I've been sporadic in posting and not been around as much, but life is full, full beyond my wildest imaginings.

How are you doing my lovelies, I sure have missed you all, xo

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