Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The gym

Last Friday K and I decided that we were going to head to the gym to workout.
It was the first time in our 13+ years together that we have ever gone to the gym together.
That's romance I tell ya!

I'm still moving forward with my weight-loss, get in shape, swimsuit prep mode.
I still have some weight to lose and quite a bit more toning that needs to occur.
Changes are happening, but they are happening slowly.
I know that's the best way to do it but sometimes some instant gratification would be nice.
{Really nice to be honest.}

These last few weeks I have been gaining and losing the same two pounds.
I'm not sure what's going on with that, whatever.

My current plan is to stick with the fitness app, although the darn thing drives me batty when I realize how many calories something is vs. how many calories are available and OH MY GOODNESS I'M SO HUNGRY!
It's getting better in the hunger department but sometimes it's brutal.

Back to Saturday, our gym has about four hours of childcare time available so we knew that we were going in the morning.
K brought his iPad to watch a movie while I thoroughly enjoyed cable television, yay for some HGTV!

We got there a little later than we had originally planned so we only had about an hour to workout.
It was nice to be able to look over and chat with him every once in a while then look outside at the beautiful, non-children trodden snow that looked like a sparkly white blanket.

We were both keeping an eye on the clock for when we needed to go pick up the girls.
K hopped off the elliptical, joking with me about he got more miles in AND had burn more calories than I did.
I just can't let him win both and yes, I will totally admit that we are competitive with one another.
He had made it 4.15 miles and I just couldn't let that slide, I had to go further than him because there was no way I was going to beat his calorie loss.
So, I did what any rational, sane, grown-up, 32 year old woman would do.
I kicked into high gear, darn near sprinting on that machine so I could beat his distance and beat it I did.
4.20 miles.
Until he reminded me that he beat my calorie loss AND he did the mileage in less time.
Party pooper.
Oh well, I will claim my win and relish in it.
Because I am an adult after all who only engages in adult competitiveness.

We have plans to go next weekend as well and I am determines to beat his distance again AND hopefully his time.
A girl can dream, right?

P.S. I am doing The Color Run again!!!!
This is my third time doing it and I am pumped.
By besties and I will be doing it together again {go team Save the Snails!} and this time our mamas will be doing it with us.
That's right, my Mom will be doing the 5K with us!
I'm so excited!
We are even planning on making tutus which we be even more fun!

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