Monday, December 31, 2012

For the sake of posterirty

One of the biggest benefits with technology today is the ability to capture or record a moment, something that as a parent I don't ever want to forget.

This afternoon I have had a brutal headache, thoughts of up-chucking came to mind at one point.

I finally found a comfortable position for my head that lessened the forehead stabby feeling that was going on and I was determined to keep it there.

Abby decided to come in and talk to me about brushing her new Rapunzel's hair.
She scooted herself up next to me on the bed and started doing her typical no nonsense chatter while taking stops to talk to herself or her toys.

I knew that I had to record this conversation because in the future K and I would be having a conversation about Abby and how she said such and such or how she pronounced something or how her voice sounded.
K and I have these conversations in regards to the other children and I wanted to save and savor this moment.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into the joy that I call Miss Abigail.
{p.s. Homegirl is super into potty humor or rather any discussion that has anything to do with bathroom activities.}

K called while Abby was chatting with Rapunzel and I hear:

If you want me to brush your hair say aye

Aye was said in response in a doll voice.

{p.s. I'm teasing her when I said "Ow" that's why she smiled.}


  1. Oh my gosh, Danna, she is adorable. I think I could sit and listen to her no-nonsense talk all day. How do you even stand it?

    1. Ha ha Mari, that's what I usually do. I love to sit and listen to her. She sings and talks in the car, while playing, always. It's magical and amazing, K and I often exchange glances and smiles listening to her. I find myself texting him during the day to share something that she's said or done. Homegirl is amazing :) I feel like I should also say though, that she's also a handful and naughty too :)

    2. Well, aren't we all a handful and naughty, though? :-) She kind of reminds me of me when I was little. I was ALWAYS talking up a storm, but I was as naughty as all get out, too :-) But, I was my parents' girl for sure.