Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas lights tour - a Christmas tradition

Not far from our house is a neighborhood filled with older homes, homes with so much character and detail.
The neat thing about this neighborhood is that almost every house puts up gorgeous Christmas lights.

I feel like I should preface these pics with saying that I took them with my phone while K was driving down cobblestone roads.

I love this yard.
The house lights were pretty, but this massive tree with gigantic ornaments ... get outta here.
Holy smokes, I loved it.

This house was my favorite this year.
There is just something so perfect and clean and wonderful about white lights.
Sigh, perfection.
Yes, I know that my OCD is showing.
{Shhh, don't tell, but K and I actually try to guess at who had their lights professionally put up based on their straightness. K is not the one that EVER brings this up. Like I said, I know my OCD is showing.}

This house made me giddy with how "Christmas-y" it was.
In the words of Adison: These people have the Christmas spirit.
From the Santa with his reindeer, to the Nativity scene, the mulitcolored lights with the faux-candles in the window and the lit garland it filled my heart with such happiness.

Do you have any neighborhood's like this where you live?

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