Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I love this picture. Sisterly love and cuddles. My newly turned three year old with a post-nap pacifier in her mouth, still working on getting rid of it. Abby's dress up dress, homegirl is wearing dress up clothes more often than not lately and I am a-okay with it.

Hello lovelies!
How has your week been going so far?
Mine has been busy and busy and busy and fun.

Did I tell you that I caught another cold from the little girls?
They had runny noses and a few sneezes meanwhile K and I were feeling like death warmed over.
For real.
I finally called my dr. yesterday asking for an antibiotic, I have been coughing now for more than a month and my poor ribs just can't handle it anymore.
So, I am the proud owner of an antibiotic AND some new cough medicine.

Today K finally {read FINALLY!!!!!} called about getting an antibiotic for himself as asthamtics + chest colds = no me gusta
Plus, K is a notoriously difficult patient, I had to threaten him today with calling him every hour until he call the dr.
I'm happy to report that it only took one phone call and by the time I texted him later this morning he had already called.
Shocked, simply beyond.

How is your Christmas shopping going?
Mine has been nonexistent other than a few things we purchased for the girls a couple of months ago.
I love Christmas shopping and I love the rush and the crowds the closer it gets to Christmas so I usually wait until almost the last second.
Normally K and I will make a date out of it while my Dad watches our gargoyles.
{Sidenote: isn't it funny how the older you get and especially being a parent that you find yourself saying the exact same things that your parents said? My mom used to call me a gargoyle instead of Danna and it used to crack me up. I now find myself calling my girls the same thing.}

Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you are a U.S. resident, it closes tomorrow night at midnight and there are low entries.
{I so wish that I could enter this one myself, so freakin' cute!}

I've been thinking of Christmas traditions lately and have been wondering what yours are?
Please share in the comments section.
For us we stay home on Christmas morning so the kids can experience Christmas at our home.
On Christmas Eve, after dinner we read the story of Christ's birth from the Bible. Both K and I feel so strongly about teaching our children the reason for this blessed season. It's not about the presents or the treats or any of the other fun things that come this time of year. It is all about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.
That's just a few of ours, please share some of yours!

It's crazy to think that this will be the last time in our lifetime to experience the month/date/year all being the same.
My best friend Jennifer's oldest son turned 12 today, a pretty impressive golden birthday if I do say so myself.

That's all I've got for tonight, I've got to get my tired self to bed early tonight and pray that this cough is completely gone by tomorrow.

xo, me


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  1. That is pretty awesome that his birthday is today and is turning 12!