Monday, December 3, 2012

A kiss on the yips

How was your weekend?
Ours went pretty well.
I worked at the church and we visited with my Dad on Saturday and on Sunday we were lay-zy.
I only left the house once and it was to go to the grocery store to pick up some things I needed to make a dessert for our Small Group Christmas Party tonight.
I'm really looking forward to our party tonight, the kids are beside themselves excited for the party, well, that and all the desserts.
I can't blame them, I'm pretty excited about that as well.
K and I made some white chocolate peppermint bark, yum!

The skies have been amazing around here lately and I can't help but snap some pics of them.
K's car decided to have an attitude and act wonky so the girls and I have been taking him to work and picking him up.
I was kind of dreading the whole extra time the kids spend in the car situation but have been so blessed by having some extra time to talk with my husband.
I have thoroughly enjoyed talking, I'm sad to see our extra time together go when his car is fixed.

I'm so enjoying this blessed holiday season this year, last year I had a bit of a hard time getting into the gaiety of the season but not this year.
I would love this time even more if it actually felt like winter, it feels so wrong to be wearing short sleeved shirts and flip flops during December.

This afternoon my best friend, Jennifer, brought Adison home from school.
As they were leaving her youngest, Eddie, reached out for Abby and kissed her.
On my yips! {lips} she said.
Abby thought it was funny and Ainsley looked at me and said
Mama, his only 2, that's too young to be kissing!
These kids crack me up!

I have been taking pictures daily of our elf Harper and where the kiddos find her.
I'm planning on sharing several at a time and posting sometime later this week.
I've thought about maybe doing a link-up.
I've been taking my pictures with Instagram {I'm @dannabraun}

xo, D


  1. lol the "yips" comment was too cute! Flip flops in December. If you want winter you can join me up here lol