Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, where did you go?

Homegirl got herself some new dress-up clothes or should I just say clothes?
This dress came with a headband and little lace up slippers that tie around her ankles/calves.

How in the world is Christmas over?
As Abby would say For serious?
We are going to celebrate with my mom and step-dad this weekend, but how oh how is it over already?

This year we were at home for Christmas.
This was the first year that it was planned that way, the only other time was when we had a blizzard and got snowed in and couldn't leave our house.

This year, the kids slept in until 7:30 {why can't they do this on any other day} and we stayed in our pajamas all day.
The kids liked doing that so much that we did it again today.
I have not left my house in two days and I'm loving it.

We celebrated with my dad and step-mom on Friday.
It was so much fun.
My step-mom made some delicious taco soup, I got the recipe from her so I am planning on making it and sharing it.

We then celebrated with K's family on Sunday.
Again, the kids had a blast.
Yay Christmas!

If you add it up my kids get four Christmas-es.
Yes four.
Luckily for them they had good behavior so they didn't get any coal.
Although I may have threatened several times to email Santa.
We are close like that, ya know.
I may have also reminded more times that I care to think of that Harper {our elf} was watching every. little. thing. they. did. and. said.

We had church on Saturday night and oh my word, it was wonderful.
We sang Oh Come All Ye Faithful, the version that we sang is so powerful.
I'll try to share a video later, the internet is being a jerk right now.

So, Christmas, you are basically over.
One last celebration for us and then we will be adios until next year.
It was fun, it was real, thanks for the awesomeness.

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