Friday, November 30, 2012

Our elf arrived

Last year for Christmas my mom gave me an Elf of the Shelf.
Yes, I asked for it for Christmas.

I love their vintage look and the sneaky facial expression.
Plus, I love the idea of passing the buck to the Elf for keeping track of the kids behavior.

I'm not above it.

Last year the girls decided that our elf was a girl {of course} and her name is Harper.

Harper stayed with us for a few days last year and then had to head back up to the North Pole to spend the next 11 months hanging our with Santa.

This morning she showed up, sitting so mischievously at the top of our Christmas tree.

The girls all but flipped out when they spotted her.

Ainsley swore that she saw Harper blink and that she was watching her every move.

Yay, nice move Harper, nice move.
The girls are on alert, good behavior is to be had.

{pretty please!}


  1. So much fun!! I love our elf! Yesterday karson brushed his teeth for chippy. I didn't have to sit on him while he kicked and screamed. I love chippy! ;) have you seen th skirts for the girl elfs?

  2. Neat idea. My friend did this for the first time last year with her kids. I just can't. The little thing creeps me out. I don't have many dolls kicking around my house either that are not locked in closets at night lol. Yeah, too many scary movies as a kid ahahaha. Can't wait to hear about your adventures though :D