Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello lovelies, sorry I have been gone.
After my feeling better/getting worse sickness continued, I finally dragged myself to the dr. {with quite a bit of pushing from K and my mom}.
I have bronchitis.
Yay me!
I have been really really really sleepy lately and with all of the busyness of right now blogging fell by the wayside.
Sorry loves.

This past week, well, it's been a mix of busy and super laid back.
Last Friday was Princess Abigail's birthday.
Did I tell you that she now wants be called Princess?
Yes, regular clothes have gone by the waysaid and she only wants to be wearing her princess clothes and sings her princess song, oh and she carries her favorite princess everywhere we go.
Yep, Snow White and Cinderella are along for the ride.

Abby's birthday cake.
Funfetti cake with Rainbow Chip frosting, decorated with stars and star candles and her fairy princess wand that our ped and his nurses gave her.
She had a wonderful birthday and told everyone who asked that she turned 3 1/2.
It's an improvement from the day before when she would tell you that she was two and would give you the bird.

Our cat, Chloe, is the most laid back kitty.
She doesn't mind the kids holding her and playing with her and when she's had enough she finds a quiet place to take a nap.
She also lets K dress her up like Darth Vader or as we like to call her Darth Chloe.

Not feeling well calls for comfort food and man have I been cooking a lot more lately.
One of my all time, childhood favorites is Eggs on a Raft.
I made mine this time with sourdough bread and butter with sea salt and olive oil in it.
Holy smokes y'all, this was so good.

Adison made this sign while doing some weekly cleaning last weekend.
It looked all serious and forboding until Abby decided to decorate her sign with princess stickers.
Sorry Adison!

Chloe playing dress-up again, this time Ainsley and Abby decided she need to be a princess.
She looks less than enthused but quite regal I think.

This is a pretty accurate pic of what I did this past week.
Blanket, warm drink and sitting on the couch.
::cough cough::

I did rally for a couple of hours on Tuesday and managed to get the Christmas tree up.
The girls were chomping at the bit to get it done and who could possibly say no to these faces?
I put up way less of our decorations as usual and am liking it.
Does anyone else do this, more some years than others?

I have super sensitive lips, they freak out to most chapsticks.
When I mentioned to K as he was headed to the store that I needed more, I tend to run out quickly I blame it on my full lips ;), he grabbed some of this stuff for me.
1. The teeny tiny little pot of it is just too cute for words.
2. I love this stuff.

Last but not least, we celebrated Thanksgiving.
Our celebration with family is coming up, but for actual Thanksgiving it was just the five of us.
We had a bit of an untraditional Thanksgiving: rotisserie chicken, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted carrots and pie.
It was good.

How was your Thanksgiving?

xo, Danna

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