Friday, November 9, 2012


Happy Friday lovelies!
How has your week been?
Mine, well it could have been better and it also could have been A LOT worse.
Doing the math, I'd say that it was a pretty good week.

I've been feeling kind of crafty lately.
It's fun to work the creative juices and make something.
Sure I sliced my finger on the outside of the scissors {I didn't know you could do that} and Lee cut my hand with the same pair of scissors.
I think we just get rid of them, they are obviously possessed or something.
I will need to share pics of my crafty goodness.

Last week, for like a day it decided to get cold.
We have somehow lost Abby's winter coat.
I have no idea where the darn thing is.
I snagged this super cute coat for her online for $5, yes $5.
Mama loves a deal.
This pic of Abby cracks me up, homegirl is flashing some gangsta signs.
You've got to watch this vlog from C. Jane Kendrick, the songs starts at about the 5 minute mark.

Earlier this week I wrote about my personal goal to get dressed in non-yoga clothes more often.
I did really well at it, until Wednesday {read TWO DAYS} when I caught the cold the girls had.
I had to laugh at myself when I realized this while at the library wearing my comfy clothes.
Today though, I'm back on the bandwagon and working on it.

Our teeny tiny kitty, Zoe, loves to sit with her tail curled around her legs.
It's one of my favorite little things about her and when I realized that I didn't have a picture I had to remedy the situation immediately.
Look at how tiny her little feet are.
She is a full grown, 8 year old cat and she weighs 3 pounds.
Kitty is tiny, so tiny in fact that when it gets remotely cold she likes to climb under the blankets when I go to bed at night for extra warmth.

I would like to preface this photo with asking you to please ignore the mess that is my van.
It's a mess, a messy mess.
Someone, who shall remain nameless, decided to write on the car seats and arm rest with crayon.
Now, I won't tell who the perpetrator was, but I will tell you that she was very sorry and tried to clean it off with her remorseful tears.
Her consequence is to help mama clean up the crayon and then help pick up the mess that is the van.

I love it.
I'm slightly obsessed with eating it right now.
Earlier this week I made a sausage, cheese and broccoli one.
So good, so so so good.
I'm thinking I need to make another.


  1. LOL at the yoga pants! I've been trying to get dressed more frequently, too - but apparently I've been wearing the same shirt too much, because when I went to put it on Friday Matt asked me, "so, ya going for a new record on wearing the same outfit?" lol! he like, never ever comments on my outfits, so I knew it must've been too much!

    anyway, your quiche looks good. I have a killer turkey bacon and spinach quiche if you want that recipe?

    1. ha ha ha, that cracks me up as that would be something that I would do! I get so stuck in the quick and comfortable mode and kind of tune out.

      Um, yes please for the recipe! That sounds delicious! K has been enjoying me make it more often as he said the other day "I think we need to make this a regular dinner." woo hoo!

      How are you feeling?

  2. haha on the yoga pants...I look at all of these beautiful women wearing fancy scarves and tailored pants at 12 noon and do they do it?! if I try to look nice my outfits get dirty ...
    yummy quiche..i was looking for something different for dinner tomorrow...I think I;ll make a quiche..thanks!!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy Monday!

    1. I try to get dressed, def not tailored pants, jeans are my "dress up" since I stay at home. But, yeah, I don't know how they do it. My clothes would be a wreck in no time.
      How was your quiche? I love it, so good!
      I can't wait to check out your blog, thanks for following mine!

  3. Well, I definitely think your scissors are possessed :) And hooray on the yoga pants goal, but WHY do they have to be so darn comfortable?!

    1. Yes, I think they were possessed, or maybe all of our scissors are as Ainsley cut Abby's hair yesterday. Luckily, it wasn't too bad.

      Yes, yoga pants are waaaaay too comfortable :)