Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trying to break the cranky

When: Sunday afternoon.
Where: local park and rose garden
Who: K, Adison, Ainsley, Abigail and yours truly
Why: Super cranky, feisty kids needed a break in atmosphere and physical exercise 

Every once in a while a bad mood, cabin fever mood runs through our house.
It appears to be contagious.
When such an event occurs the usual prescription is a change in scenery.

Every Autumn and Spring I get a bit twitchy.
I know that our frolics in the sun and the cool wind on our faces will come to an end.

Why you ask?
Because we have the pure joy of experiencing the extremes of the desert and the tundra.
{Note: some sarcasm and over-exaggeration being used}

The reality though is that we have some pretty wicked Summers and Winters.
It's just a fact of living in the Midwest.
It comes with the territory.
We have very few weeks of mild, outdoorsy weather and when they show up we try to embrace it.

Sunday afternoon.
Beautiful day outside, a storm inside.

K and I knew what had to be done.
Get outside IMMEDIATELY.
This need was so necessary that we even had Abby skip her nap.
Skipping a nap for a two-year old is some pretty serious business.

It was a blast.
The kids ran around, playing hide-and-go-seek in the rose garden.
Balance beamed around the koi pond.
Ainsley even managed to score some bread off of a nice couple there to feed the ducks and some fish.
{She even shared some with Abby, Adison was too busy running around.}

Then we got home, ate some food and shuffled the children off to bed.
It was a good day.

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