Tuesday, October 9, 2012

She up and decided to turn 10 on me

Adison's first picture as a 10 year old.
Double digits.
K was so kind to point out that she will be gone, at college, in 8 years.
I didn't appreciate that reminder, at all.

This girl.
She slays me.
She is so kind, intelligent, witty, insanely goofy, talented, artistic, athletic, creative and thoughtful.

My mom came in town this past weekend to celebrate all four girls' birthdays, my niece's plus our three girls.
She also watched my brother and I run in The Color Run, yes, I did it again.
I'll do a post about that tomorrow.

Neither one of us look very excited in this picture, but we were.
We had just finished Adison's dinner choice, Pasta Bake AKA Baked Ziti.
She's not a fan of cake so we made sundae's for dessert.
The girls loved picking their own toppings, girls love choices.

My Dad got Adison a Barnes & Noble gift card, she is an avid reader.
She perused the shelves several times, carefully choosing which books she wished to purchase.
It was funny watching her pick out books, then declaring that she was only going to get paperback because they were cheaper.
Then, we needed to tally up the prices because she wanted to have some money left on her gift card.
It was awesome.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

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