Friday, October 26, 2012


life rearranged

Hello lovelies!
How are you doing?
Me, eh, ok.
I think I have an inner ear infection, hello motion sickness.
Adison didn't have school yesterday or today, yay for lazy days.

Breakfast this morning, some more chocolate delight.
So good.
I've noticed over the last week or so that we seem to be having a major spoon shortage.
Where did they go?
Good 'ol Light Saber spoon has made more than one appearance this week.
If you see my spoon could you please let me know?

We were headed to Adison's parent/teacher conference Wednesday night and the sky was gorgeous.
This picture does not do it justice.
The sky was beautiful, pale blue, pink, orange with a touch of yellow.
The clouds were a purple-ish, grey color.
Simply breathtaking.

Last weekend, on our way out of town from visiting K's family we stopped by Trader Joe's.
We don't have one in our town and I love me some TJ's.
K loves himself some Indian food, the spicer the better.
Me, um, no thanks.
I stick to tandori chicken and nan.
The above pic is some of the nan that we picked up while there.
It was a new try and I think we will get some more.
We had it Wednesday night with some lentil soup.
So good.

Teaching my girl how to give some Eskimo kisses.
Homegirl was a pro.
Look at that little nose, it was made for some Eskimo kissing.

I burned some pancakes the other morning.
My pancake making mojo was off somehow.
This little guy was giving me the stink-eye about it.
Sorry dude.
You did get eaten though, you didn't make it with your other four friends into the gar-bage due to excessive burning.
I hardly ever burn pancakes, I blame it on my possible inner ear infection.
I don't know how, but lets just go with it.

I'm going to preface this by saying that my klutz-o-the year award is in the mail.
I somehow thighed {like kneed, but using your thigh} the brake handle on K's bike.
Holy bruise Batman.
It hurts to walk when I first get up in the morning.
The above pic was taken the evening after I did it, it looks much different now.
K is starting to cringe when he sees it.
It's starting to resemble this bad boy {pictured below} from four years ago, only it's smaller and on the front of my thigh.

See this pretty, albeit blurry face?
She's been following me around even more lately.
She's such a talkative little thing.
Hi Lily!

How has your week been going?

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