Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I thought she was going to eat my brain or something

I don't like scary movies, at all.
K loves scary movies, a lot.
Normally K will watch a scary movie in the living room while I lounge in the bedroom before falling asleep.
Noticed how I said "Normally"???
Occasionally {read: to be a punk} K will decide to watch a scary movie in the bedroom when I am trying to go to sleep.
For me it's as painful and awful as you can imagine.

It normally ends with me begging, pleading and threatening him to turn off the movie or turn down the sound which ends with him taunting me.
No, honey, this part is totally not scary at all. Said while the girl is climbing the wall like a spider.
Yes, it's done in good fun, it's what makes our marriage work.
In response I will tease him with horrible medical facts which makes him want to puke or pass out.
See, marriage is about compromise AND freaking each other out.

Back story {because you know I love them and pretend that you do as well}:
We were spending the weekend at K's parent's house.
I went to bed early {shocking} and K was going to stay up watching some shows.
I'm at the blissful spot between awake and asleep where you start to feel all floaty and rainbow-y.
All of a sudden that blissful feeling is interrupted by someone wearing a mask from Scream and menacingly standing over me.

Cue freak out, major freak out, screaming and I am sure some choice four letter words.
K laughing like a loon.
Not fun.
I know for a fact that there was retribution, I just don't remember what form it came in.
Probably something along the lines of me asking him to come into the bedroom while some weird medical show is on and freaking him out completely.
Payback my love, payback.

Anyways, I hate scary movies.
I have way too active of an imagination and my nerves just can't handle them, at all.
{Which is why it is so humorous that I took a class in college called: Psychological Profiling of Serial Killers. For real. The class was even at night. For real. As life would have it we were studying the BTK killer WHEN he reappeared in Wichita again WHILE we were living a couple of hours away AND going to visit friends in Wichita.}

Monday night K and I were catching up on our shows {Castle and The Mentalist} when we hear a boom from upstairs.
Someone fell out of bed.
I went upstairs to investigate, K stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for a report.

At the top of the landing I find Ainsley.
Crouched down, hair hanging limply around her face, not saying or doing anything.
I sit down next to her, thinking that she's still out of it from sleep, and try to talk to her.
No response.
Lee? Are you alright?
She starts doing these creepy giggle.
I looked down at K, Honey, she is seriously freaking me out.
Danna, just pick her up, she's probably still sleeping or something.
Maniacal giggle.
No way. I'm NOT picking her up. You can pick her up.
Ugh, don't be such a baby. K muttered as he came upstairs and picked her up.
She starts doing the creepy giggle again.
No verbal response to anything until K gets her downstairs and they sit on the couch together.
She told him that she was okay.

All is well, I take Lee back to bed, I came back downstairs to finish The Mentalist.
I look over at K, Dude, she was totally freaking me out.
K finally admitted, Yeah, she was pretty creepy, I thought she was going to eat my brain or something.


  1. Rofl! Dang zombie children of yours! If you'd had normal kids like the rest of us, this wouldn't be a problem.;)

  2. Wow! You sound JUST LIKE ME! I can't watch scary movies. It is just not optional. Thankfully, Dave thinks they're stupid, so he doesn't watch them, either. However, he does make fun of me for being so terrified of them.
    I watched Paranormal Activity a couple of years ago (at gunpoint, I might add) in the middle of the day with a friend. I STILL have trouble sleeping.

    Scream: I saw this movie in the theater before I knew HOW terrified I was of scary movies. I didn't sleep a single wink that night. And for many nights following, I'm sure. One day, I was with a friend in Spencers when I backed in to something. I turned around and had a Scream mask in my face. I screamed. Loud.

  3. Haha this post cracked me up!! DJ and I ssinf etch movies together because of the same problem. Except for Out Cold. I am usually pretty conservative but Out Cold cracks me up. Healthy marriage is all about comparmiae anyway, right? :) and becaus I am far too tired to terror this just pretend the second sentence says "DJ and I don't watch" instead if the gibberish that is auto correct. :)

  4. Wow too terror=too tired. Good night. :)