Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dear Mom,

I am so looking forward to seeing you this weekend.
Knowing that you will be cheering Joe {my brother, lovelies} and me on at The Color Run on Saturday is exciting.
I have to tell you though that I've caught the girls' cold and hope I can run the whole thing.
::cough cough::

I know that you say that you come to see us and not check on how clean my house is, but Mom, it's a mess right now.
Abby's sleep issues have driven me to the brink of insanity.
In an attempt to get her to sleep before 11:00 I have kept her from napping the last two days.
Mom, I can tell you this because you love me unconditionally, but she is driving absolutely batty.
The temper tantrums and the attitude of an overly tired two year old are starting to wear on me.
She is totally worth the exhaustion, she is after all my baby {smirk}, I would stay up forever for her.

Back to the clean house thing.
Trying to keep my house picked up while having three kids, two of which are still so young and close together in age is impossible.
I feel like I am attempting to herd cats amidst a tornado.
There's just no winning in this situation.

Yes, Mom, I know that I can complain to you at any time and you listen, but I'm sorry for being such a whiner.

I am so looking forward to seeing you and celebrating Adison and Ainsley's birthdays with you.
Can you believe that Adison is going to be 10 and Ainsley 5?
Can you believe that 10 years ago today I was already past my due date with Adison?
Do you remember how gigantic I was and how I had all but given up on her ever coming out?

Mom, I miss you like crazy and I'm ready to hug you and share a cup of coffee while the house erupts into chaos.

Love you Mamacita, DD

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  1. How sweet. I love my mom. And, she loves me. But we just aren't friends. We both want to be but just can't make it happen.

    I'm hoping that the distance that has recently separated us will help change this.