Thursday, October 11, 2012


Holy smokes Ainsley, the years have flown by. 
This girl, well, she turned 5 today.
Without even asking, the nerve!
She told me that Jesus told her that she could turn 5, so I'm okay with it...sort of.
This girl, who I prayed daily, hourly and sometimes by the minute for is 5.
It seems surreal to me that:
A: she stayed in my bell until full term
B: she's here, real and not some figment of my imagination
C: that K and I were chosen to be her parents.

Regarding item C, I have to tell you that this kid rocks.
She's got compassion and nurturing in spades, she is a major goofball, has a wicked sense of humor, has a will that tests mine like crazy and is just all around awesome.
In the words of K "She's a goober pants."
One of her nicknames is goofball supreme.
She is super goofy, it's awesome.

Have I mentioned before that Lee is obsessed with the movie Pocahontas?
She is, big time.
K and I decided that for her birthday we would try to get her Pocahontas and John Smith.
{She has always asked for the boy to the princess.}
Did you know that they don't sell the Pocahontas/John Smith dolls in stores?
Plus, we don't have a Disney store here.
wah wah wah
K found an awesome deal online.
The above picture was her excitement at getting P & JS.
The below picture is her posing them, she's a hopeless romantic already.

Happy Birthday Lee, we love you more than words could express.

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