Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Five Things on Friday {burt it's Tuesday}: Childhood edition

An oldie but goodie picture of Ainsley, it makes me smile.

I was reading Lauren's blog, Filing Jointly...finally, it's one of my favorite read.
Hello hilarious!
Inner ear infection/motion sickness reared it's ugly head this afternoon and this post made me smile so I thought I would join in.

My Favorite Childhood Toy was:
Oh the list of toys, immediately I think of Popples, Rainbow Brite, My Little Ponies, She-Ra, my list could go on and on. I think it must have been my Cabbage Patch Kids though. I had three of them. My first was a yarn-like curly headed little girl name Fredricka Zina, I cannot make this up, also, why do I remember that? I then had a baby one and when my little brother was born my parents gave me a newborn one. I still have them, or rather, my kids now play with them.

My Favorite Song was:
Anything by John Mellencamp...or John Cougar...or John Cougar Mellencamp. Does anyone else remember the weird name changes from the '80s? My favorite was Pink Houses, because when you are a little girl does anything sound more glamorous than having a pink house??? I remember singing the entire album on  a road trip that we took. I was raised in Texas so "pink" sounded like "pai-nk". I had a full on southern twang.

My Favorite Childhood Memory is:
Playing in my grandparent's backyard. We lived across the country from them so we only got to seem them about once a year. They had a massive backyard with big trees and my grandpa had a workshop out back. My brother and I used to make forts under the trees and play behind the workshop. I remember running out of the sliding glass door with the colorful sun catchers on them, running down the stairs on the deck and playing for hours. Plus, my Grandma was a fantastic cook and I knew that after our hours of playing there would be a delicious dinner. Man oh man, I really miss my grandparents.

My Childhood Crush was:
Jordan Knight, New Kids on the Block {NKOTB for the hardcore fans}.
I thought he was dreamy. I had a large poster of him on the wall, shirts, went to a NKOTB concert and wore out my cassette tapes. I was a devoted fan.

The Thing I was Most Afraid of as a Child:
Sharks. They terrified me and still do. Which is hysterical considering that I live in a land-locked state. In the 4th grade for science class we watched programs about sharks for a solid week. I remember keeping my eyes closed and sitting at the back of the classroom hoping to avoid making eye contact with the screen. Then it seemed like every time we visited my grandparents in Michigan there would be a Jaws marathon on and everyone else loved it. I would hide my head under the pillows to try to block out the duh-duh...duh of the music. To make matters worse, my shark-loving, terrify-my-sister-loving younger brother convinced me that sharks had been spotted in Lake Michigan where we would go swimming.

Head on over and check out Lauren's post, also read the comments, it is so much fun!

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