Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Workin' out, workin' hard

So, I felt like it was time to do a get-my-booty-in-shape workout update.
From where I started a couple of months ago to now I have noticed a change.
A change in how my clothes fit, how my body feels.
I have no idea weight wise what's going on, we don't have a scale. 
I don't think that anyone else could tell {besides my mom, hi mom!}, but that's a-okay.

Before: occasionally walking
keeping busy keeping up with three kids

Now: working out on average five times a week, some weeks less due to scheduling
Pilates anywhere from one to three times a week
Taking the kids to the pool five days a week weather permitting
A different class every once in a while
I've come to a very important conclusion, this stuff is hard.
Not a fan.
At all.
At all at all.

The hardest right now is the Pilates.
Holy moly.
This is nothing like the Pilates I took in college, this is like boot camp Pilates.
I'm talkin' body hurting, sore for a couple of days afterwards.
I can tell though that it's working, stomach muscles are getting stronger.
{They need a lot of work, hello 3 kids}

Goals: run another 5K and *hopefully* a 10K
make it through a Pilates class without feeling like my abs were going to revolt
Get healthy, I really want to be a good example to my girls

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  1. Good Job Danna! Now I need to step up to the plate, and start working out.