Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend ramblings

This weekend I have spent a lot of time thinking about what happened in Colorado.
My mind cannot process what happened.
What families, the lives lost, the forever changes because one man did a horrifically horrid thing.
I found out on Friday that my cousin and her boyfriend were supposed to be at that theater at the same showing.
They decided to attend a theater closer to home instead.
While I am so incredibly relieved that my family is safe I also feel so sad for the families whose loved one isn't with them any longer.
This post is by a woman who was in the theater with her two daughters, they all made it out alive and free from harm.
Read it, please.

We have taken life pretty slow this weekend.
The dynamic duo that are the little two kept K and I on our toes all weekend.
Sorry to the shoppers who were at Target when we were.
Yep, they were loud and throwing fits.
The joy of young 'uns.
Adison was a gem while we were there.
Poor girl though is starting have an awareness as to how loud and attention grabbing two screaming children can be.
Yep, it's loud and embarrassing, but it's also life.

I made the mistake of staying up way too late the last two nights reading and took a nap this afternoon.
It was much needed after the sleep deprivation and the stress of the weekend.
Throughout all of it though I was freshly reminded of how blessed we are to have these crazy, punky, rambunctious, amazing children.
Even in the loud times of sibling screaming matches and tag team temper tantrums I am so very happy to call them my own, my three precious miracles {although I may have ended my night with a glass of wine :)}

Today is my step-dad's birthday today.
Happy Birthday Pappy Guy!!!

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