Monday, July 2, 2012

Color Run~ I did it!

The Color Run, my 1st 5K.
I did it.
I. ran. the. entire. thing.
I think the above picture sums up my feelings perfectly.

I went up with my friends the night before.
We picked up our race packets, grabbed some dinner and headed to our hotel sans kids.
We jumped on the beds and had all sorts of fun.
It was a blast, seriously.
We got to bed around midnight and my alarm went off at 6:00, yawn.
But, we got up and got ready and I attempted to drink some coffee, no me gusta hotel coffee.
Then, we were off!

Before we left the hotel, I was serious.
Or not.
Ready to run the 5K, the whole thing, at the end of June, in Kansas.
H.O.T. & H.U.M.I.D.

I know the picture is not the greatest, but all of those little dots in the background.
They're people.
They had 30,000 people sign up for The Color Run.
They raised $$$ for Ronald McDonald House.
Great charity!

I didn't get many pictures as I had my phone in a backpack because it was a messy morning.
Everything that looks flesh-colored on us is actually pink.
This is me and one of my besties, Clara, we were running buddies.
I didn't get a pic with my other best friend Jennifer, sorry J!

They had the run broken up into 5 increments and there they would have a color station set up where you would get doused with a different colored powder.
The above picture is at the end of the race.
Everyone was given a bag of color to throw at the end.
It was so much fun.
The music was loud, the color was everywhere and the feeling of not just completing but running my first 5K was exhilirating.
I may or may not have danced like a worn out fool when some of the music that I work-out to was blasted over the speakers.

It was so much fun, I loved it.
I'm a bit sore but I can't wait to do it next year as well!