Monday, July 23, 2012

leave the cold, i'll take the heat

Remember this white, fluffy, freezing stuff?
Yeah, me neither.
Nor am I ready for it to return.
I was thinking about hawt it is right now and how much hotter it will get in the next few days.
I think I will take the heat and remember it for when we are living in a frozen tundra again.

Other things I am not ready for yet...

enrollment at Adison's school next week

school starting in less than a month

the return of schedules and being busy again

we're gong to be starting birthday season soon: 10, 5 and 3

an end to our lazy afternoons at the pool

Things I am ready for...

a return to schedules {yes, I'm confusing}

celebrating my kiddos turning a year older, looking back at pictures at how much they have changed

Fall coming, the leaves changing colors

Blue jeans!


  1. Same here. . .I'm happy with it staying summer!

    1. Me too, although I could be happier with a less summery summer, ya know NOT 104 everyday :) Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  2. Oh not me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE winter and can't wait for it. I hate this hot weather and do everything I can to avoid going out in it.
    Can't believe school is starting up again so soon. Seems we were just looking forward to the start of summer.

    1. When it's as hot as it has been here lately, 115 heat index, I'm all for staying inside. But, I get soooo cold during the winter, bleh.
      I know, I'm so not ready for school to start. Sigh. I guess that means that we will then just have to look forward to Christmas break :)
      How did your visit with your parents go? I can't wait to hear about it!

  3. Ok. lol. I am about to probably be kicked off your IG team. ;) LOL!

    BUT I LOVE WINTER. :D I do. I really, really, do! :)

    This heat is making me.... angry. LOL!

    1. Oh no, Beka, you could NEVER be kicked off of my IG team, never ever :) You're like one of my most fav ever!

      I think winter is pretty and I love it because of Christmas and I enjoy snow {especially shoveling it...seriously} but I just don't like being cold. at all.

      Yeah, this heat is ridiculous. Here in KS the heat index has been cu-razy high lately, I'm not a fan of sweating immediately after showering :)