Thursday, March 21, 2013

I've been a bad blogger

The way of the samurai includes a princess dress

Hello lovelies, I'm still here.

The link for my last post was posted on a website so now hundreds of people have now seen the beauty that is my "Cankle".
My cankle is no more though, instead it's just a big bruise that is slowly, ever so slowly fading.
I'm still wearing my air cast and my ankle is still painful.
The weird thing though is that if I have my cast off and lift my ankle it feels weak and heavy if that makes any sense.
Maybe from the ligament strain?
I have no idea, but fear not Mom, I am still vigilantly wearing my cast.
I'm not the most compliant of patients nor am I very patient so this is really saying something.

Another medical issue, has anyone ever been bitten by a brown recluse spider before?
I've been bit twice {yay me! -- sarcasm} but site where I was bitten on my toe has flare-ups a few times a year.
It gets red and swollen and hurts to bend the joint.
Anyone ever heard of that before?
I'm planning on calling my dr about it tomorrow.

Adison is having Spring Break right now.
The fighting, oh the fighting.
Sibling rivalry at it's finest which means it leaves me ready to rip my hair out at the end of the day.
I may or may not {read DID} text K today around 4:30 telling him it was time to come home now.
Of course he couldn't but it felt better calling for reinforcements.
The fighting is mainly between the older two girls, one is a button pusher and one has some very sensitive buttons.
One has ZERO patience for her sister{s} and  has flare towards snottiness directed more towards one sister than the other.
This is then causing the little ones to fight more.
I love my girls and could not be thrilled to have three of them, but I have no sisters and this dynamic is still new to me.
Plus, my brother and I got along famously, I honestly don't recall fighting with him that often.
K continually reassures me that this is normal sibling stuff.

K brought home The Hobbit today, we had Family Movie Night with pizza.
The girls LOVED the movie.
There were some kind of scary scenes but even Abby thought those parts were exciting.
It was so sweet watching her cuddle on the recliner with K and hugging him during the suspenseful parts.
Adison and Ainsley asked if they could watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy now.

We got the dye to make some hard-boiled Easter eggs next week.
The girls are on countdown and Ainsley has already asked if we can make some deviled eggs with the red stuff {paprika}.
We are also on countdown for Easter.
I love hearing them talk about the real reason for it.
Sure, the bunny and candy are fun but the real reason behind it is so much more important.
When asked why we celebrate Easter, Ainsley answered:
Because Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave.
Yes He did.

What's new with you?
I'm planning on watching a documentary about George Washington and then going to sleep.

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