Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ainsley vs. Gravity

Ainsley fell today. She was running in the entryway while leaving Adison's swim lessons and slipped on the linoleum. She then hit her head on a picnic table, her head pounced off of the table and hit the floor with a sickening thud. It all happened so fast! She was just laying on the floor not moving and screaming (the girl has a powerful set of lungs!). When I picked her up, she stiffened, her eyes rolled back in her head a bit and then she shook twice. To say I was terrified would be the understatement of the decade. She then proceeded to scream and scream and scream. I decided to take her to express care so that she could be seen quickly so I made a call to the pediatrician. I of course had to leave a message, but headed over anyways. Finally the nurse called back and told me that the minor med place was closed until 1:00 but that she could be seen by the nurse practitioner. At this point I was almost in tears, Ainsley was still screaming in the back seat and I could see the look of panic on Adison's face. We finally got inside the building and Ainsley stopped screaming, she seemed oddly normal. By the time we got in to see the nurse practitioner Ainsley was her old self again. She seems to be doing fine, we just have to watch her. I can honestly say though, that this ranks in the top 5 scariest moments in my parenting experience. I am now exhausted and ready for bed, that pretty much took it all out of me!

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