Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A bit of an update on everyone

Adison finished swimming lessons and has graduated up to level two! She had a blast and can't wait to get in the water again!

Ainsley had a stomach bug last week, poor thing was really sick. She is back to normal which means sassy & bossy...yes, she is a typical two year old.

Abby has started Army crawling within the last week or two. She just scoots all over the place, she is our first baby to do this, so Kirk & I are enjoying it.

Kirk is doing well, busy! He's such a great daddy!

Me, well, I am trying to keep things moving right along. Staying busy with the girls & trying to keep everyone from getting sick. But with 3 kids, that is next to impossible. Pray for me please!

Love ya!

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