Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've missed this space

I've missed this space.
This little cozy corner that I've made to talk, share, talk and talk and talk some more.
Somewhere along the way though, I felt like I didn't have any more to say.
That life felt too complicated yet mundane to share.
I think I needed a break.
(A rather long break, if I'm being honest.)
I've gone weeks without thinking about typing up a post and then a little ping would go off in my brain...
write, share, analyze, release
This little corner is what helps me to feel like me, sometimes I can't find the words that I want when speaking, but in this space I can take the time that I want to formulate them.
(Or to formulate other words when the right words won't come. frustrating.)

Life has been good.
Even in the tough times, it's good.

I started the school year homeschooling Adison (yes! I finally took the plunge!).
Midway through the semester I pulled Ainsley from public school and am now homeschooling her as well.
I plan on homeschooling Abby next year as well.
What had started as a whisper, a yearning in my heart years ago has finally become a reality.
I was timid, afraid to take the leap and oh, it is good.
It's good and fun and hard and frustrating and amazing and so many other words in one.
I love love love watching my kids learn.
To see the little light come on with a tough lesson is understood.
To explore new things with them.
I'm digging it. Enjoying it.
We're still finding balance. I'm learning to be more fluid.
Some days we get extra done and others, well, we do what we can.
It's good.

Other news, well, my kids decided to grow up on me.
Adison turned 12, Lee turned 7 and my baby turned 5.
She will always be my baby.

I'm hoping to write more.
I like this space.


  1. I just wrote a comment and now it's not there and I'm so confused..why does technology hate me?! GAH!

  2. And since that one showed up...turns out it was likely me that messed something up and not technology..

    So what I *mean* to say was that seeing your writing here made me unbelievably happy...Just put a huge smile on my face. I've been thinking about it a lot lately too.

    I can't believe you're homeschooling them now...that is so awesome and I can only imagine you're amazing at it! Can only imagine it's awesome and crazy and insane and so rewarding and a million other things all at once :)

    As for how old they are now? I can't even believe it. Like...ACTUALLY. Whoa. Mind...blown. How...when...whaat? I just can't believe it.

  3. aww, your babies are getting so big. Mine's only 7 months but seems like it's already going by too fast!! xxo
    Jamie www.jamieeverafter.com