Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Things have been VERY busy around here lately! Adison has been home from school for Christmas break; reading, writing, asking how to spell things & being HYSTERICAL! Ainsley on the other hand, has been a tough little cookie! She is just now getting over Rosella & it has been trying! She had been teething & throwing up, then suddenly had a fever of 105.2 with ibuprofen! So we took her to the dr & they said it was a virus. Neither Kirk nor I slept well for three nights because Ainsley was still having a high fever even with the medicine! Finally on Sunday the fever broke & the rash broke out. She was very clingy with me & Kirk started affectionately calling her my tumor because she only wanted me to hold her. When I put her down or someone else held her, she started "Screaming like a banshee!" according to Adison. Adison was such a sweetie, she layed down next to Ainsley on Saturday and told her, "It's alright, when I was a baby I had this too, and you know what...I didn't even cry." How cute is that!?!

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